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2 definitions by shitlog

the state where u try to get ur roll back the day or days after rollin...this is usually done by drinking a shit ton of redbulls and smoking menthols every 15 minutes... the number one way to get ur roll back is to hang out with rodney for an hour...listening to him makes ur roll come back the hardest
rodney"what are u doing smoking that cigarette?"
dick"im getting my roll back"
rodney"yah baby!!"
by shitlog June 01, 2007
a woman(usually an 8thgrader) who has an extremely attractive butt that causes you to have a roll attack
rulon "dude look at lyndzi's ass"
james "oh shit"
rulon "what?"
james "ROLL ATTACK!!!"
rulon "haha shes got that roll attack back...it will getcha everytime"
james "damn i want more"
by shitlog June 01, 2007