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1) a term used to degrade your buddies who are not good enough to be called a chode. In other words, they are not worthy of chode status.

2) a term used to describe a friend who cannot open his/her mouth without making a sexual reference that includes obscene language. Usually happening around preachers, parents, and/or bosses.
1)Ed: Adam is such a chode.

Will: Nahh, he's not worthy of that title. He's a fuckin' gimpsmack. Fuck that son of a bitch!!

2)Ed:(after attending easter service) Look at that church steeple, it's huge.
Will: Yea, reminds me of my fuckin' cock!
by shithouserat November 07, 2007
adjective that derives its roots from people who believe that "bring out the gimp" is the most gut bustin' movie line ever. describes when a situation or joke reaches and an abnormal level of halarity.
Ed: Did ya hear about the tornado that ripped through West Virginia?

Will: Nope.

Ed: It did 50 million dollars worth of improvement.

Will: That's fuckin' gimptacular!
by shithouserat November 07, 2007
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