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The most disgusting bitch in the world. This girl may think she is hot shit because she can drink, smoke, and do whatever, yet is considered a dirtbag living on drama. She may also have a larger than normal beer belly, and wear clothes not suitable for said body. BEWARE OF THE JABAWONKI !
Guy 1: That chick seems chill, look at her chug that bud!

Girl 1: Take your beer goggles off, Jim.

Girl 2: Yeah, she is a total Jabawonki.
#bitch #drink #smoke #dirtbag #pumpkins
by shithappens2blyfe January 01, 2012
the way white people say 'Swag'
Guy 1: DAMN, look at Becky going in on Roger!

Girl 1: Yeah, that's some serious gaws all up in this shit.
#swag #girl #boy #love #sex
by shithappens2blyfe January 01, 2012
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