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An entity permeates webspace with spam, whether it be your blog, myspace, or website. The spamcock is fearless in his/her self serving plugs for his/her fourm, website, or other link that completly sucks. This term could apply to any website/webspace that shamlessly promotes its self or others through annoying banner ads etc.
"If that spamcock plugs his shit one more time on my website, Im gonna ban him"
#spamming #cock #spamcockery #spam #crapcock #spammer
by Shitbox April 13, 2006
1) a stupid dog.

2) a person who calls a dog shitbox
1) i wish that shitbox would stop barking.

2) did you just call a dog shitbox? you're the shitbox dude.
by shitbox August 10, 2003
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