4 definitions by shit face

when you cum on the floor and rub the girls face in the cum, almost like a wheelbarrel
That chick pissed me off so i gave her a dozer, a big one
by shit face January 09, 2005
gang - gang members telephone number begins with 596 - well known in New Jersey for their shittyness
We takin down 596 and their whole posse!
by shit face April 02, 2003
A fucking thug ass niga at B-CC. also a wanksta.
Yo check that six-fo.... Oh thas tha niga CJ.
by Shit Face June 01, 2003
when you are fisting a girl and you grab the first thing you feel and pull
she was a bitch so i gave her voltars angry glove
by shit face January 09, 2005

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