18 definitions by shinigami

A celebratory exclamation. Believed to have originated in Quake II capture-the-flag matches, as an acronym for "We Owned the Other Team".
by Shinigami September 15, 2003
A name only held by those higher than anyone else, taken from the ancient jap word shini - high and gami - godlike.
my god i wish i was like shinigami, hes so awersome!
by shinigami August 02, 2003
Mario 64 with a watergun. Would've sold 5 copies had it not included Mario, which would still make it overrated.
by Shinigami September 04, 2003
An anime-ish smiley face commonly used by Korean children and fat 30-year-old American anime fans.
wau~~~~~~ ^_^
by Shinigami June 12, 2003
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