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the maximum loudest stinky fart, in a crowded bus
Didi Grossbuds fartomaxed the crowded bus to confetti,
and three old ladies feinted from the stench.
#fart #stench #bad air #breath #nausea #bus #crowded #smell #fresh
by shingon2006 October 12, 2012
boongoos is a massive headache, rolling in your brain like a roller-coaster plus the squeals of a pig in a slaughter house

in the center of your head, and right behind your nose.
Hey! Look at Jimmy. He got the boongoos. He better not go to school this week. I'll write his doctor a note...
#headache #pain #excuse #sick #hangover #aspirin #help me i'm dead
by shingon2006 October 12, 2012
when crossing a freeway you jump nonchalantly on
a yellow line, trying to figure out how come you ended with two different shoes on your feet, and your socks are not matching. The yellow line becomes the multi-bizarro zone,
where strange things (and curses, happen.
Lucy could not find her car after a party, so she started walking on a fast lane, carefully stepping only on a yellow line.
She could not understand why the cars flying nearby on both her sides were lowering their windows, and the drivers cursing loudly.
In fact she chose the multi-bizarro zonevery carefully,
hoping to get home safely and faster.
#zone #bizarre #day dreaming #drunk #sober #safe zone #adventure zone #after party
by shingon2006 October 12, 2012
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