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Conscious Full Spectrum Action: action that is sourced from deep personal wisdom and core values addressing systems issues and delivering sustainable results for people and the planet. Conscious full spectrum responses source people's power, shift systems and solve problems.
United Global Shift is an organization that works on conscious full spectrum response projects to impact education, health, the environment and peace.
by shiftmaker October 04, 2009
Translistening: Listening with the willingness to alter your point of view. Not being stuck in your own point of view and having the willingness to see things from another's view.
I am going to practice translistening with my mother in law, maybe then we will not argue so much.
by shiftmaker October 04, 2009
CONSCIOUS RECIPROCITY being that the giver gets as much as the receiver. The giver is grateful to have had the opportunity to give and the receiver is grateful not only for the contribution but for giving the opportunity for someone to contribute. If this speaks to you, then please contribute to us. The money contributed goes to providing workshops for individuals and non profits dedicated to creating sustainable change.
Charity is giving out of pity while conscious reciprocity benefits the giver as much as the receiver.
by shiftmaker October 04, 2009
Quantum Listening: Inclusive, all encompassing, way beyond ordinary listening and step forward for human beings, listening with every fiber of your being.
If I can use quantum listening with my husband, I will almost be able to see and feel what he sees and feels.
by shiftmaker October 04, 2009
The ability to never go down for the count, no matter what life throws at you, the capability to bounce back stronger than ever. Being able to have challenges happen but not quit, to stand in the face of the seemingly impossible and create possibility. Being powerful even when the circumstances look dire.
She has had a pretty tough year, but her bozo-ability has really kept her going strong.
by shiftmaker October 04, 2009
Quantum Communication: A gigantic leap in one's communication from not only letting go but listening deeply and giving up your view in honor of their view completely
If the heads of state would practice quantum communication, there would be no more war or destruction among nations.
by shiftmaker October 04, 2009

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