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Formerly known as Republicans, the Republicants are a political party that embodies no-ness and all forms of negativity. It is the Republicant believe that nothing should ever be done by government because the wealthy, as the most educated class, and the corporations they control, knows what's best for the rest of society. Recent scientific analysis of their speech patterns reveal overuse of words such as No, Can't, Socialism, Betcha, You lie, various racial epithets, and so forth.
If we Republicants unite, we just might get rid of Medicare! Our senior citizens should have the FREEDOM to take care of themselves! Hunting for food when you're 90 and living in a cave is what being American is all about!
by shgr April 16, 2010
Abbreviated form of "application", a type of software program that typically interacts with the end user, such as a calender program or a chat program. Applications differ from lower-level software programs such as device drivers which are mostly invisible to the user.

Since the late-2000s, the term "app" has been bastardized by Apple and other Apple wannabes to specifically mean a software program that you can buy at the "App Store" or variations thereof. In fact "applications" have been freely available online since the advent of the Internet and this concept is completely foreign to the majority of "app" buyers.
Jimmy: "check out this social app I bought from the app store yesterday!"

Jason: *smacks Jimmy's iPhone out of his hands*, "I do the same thing, for free, from this program called a web browser"
by shgr December 25, 2011

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