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To have a burning need for nicotine. By the time one is 'nicofeining', they will accept any form of tobacco; cigarette, chewing tobacco, an old stale re-fry sitting in the grass of a ghetto park, etc.
Ashley: "Thanks for the dinner, Thomas! Oh, I dropped my last cigarette in a puddle of dog piss two hours ago and you know we both just ran out of cash! I think i'm going to explode of need. Got any form of nicotine?"

Thomas: "Good job, dumbass! No, I didn't stop myself from cleaning out the ashtray in my car because I figured you might be competent enough to hold on to at least one fucking cigarette that we could share after this meal. I'M NICOFEININ' TOO, YAKNOW!?"
by shewillbelovedd June 30, 2009
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