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3 definitions by sherman3point0

when an actor/actress or celebrity is inbetween roles, etc. and isn't watching thier weight, where on ocassion they are exposed by the pavoratzi in tabloid pictures and thier reputation becomes tarnished for a short time.

Coined from the body building term off season describing a period of time in a year when body builders stop strict dieting to concentrate on strength training and bulking up.
"you see so and so on TMZ?"
"yeah it must be her celebrity off season"
by sherman3point0 August 04, 2009
1. Call girl or porn star slang for men that they would give a hand job to but don't really want to fuck.

2. The loser reject of society usually fat and or really ugly which strippers or occasional female friends are willing to give a hand job to out of sympathy but wouldn't have sex with.
"I saw this hand jober at work last night, he was a real charity case!"
by sherman3point0 July 09, 2009
1. A male not necessarily feminine or gay which posseses feminine qualities, akin to the male lesbian, usually has no or little interest in typical sports such as baseball or football or dramatically acts as if he does to fit in. Tom girls many times have trouble with normal romantic relationships with women and normally end up with very masculine women with crazy bitches, on reality tv or skydiving off a high rise building or whatever.
2. male feminist
3. faux homosexual
"tim called me earlier, said he wants to hang out with us at wherever tonight"

"no way I'm not hanging out with tim at wherever that dude is such a fucking tom girl!"
by sherman3point0 September 07, 2009