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The party is not what you think.The Party is the guy who owns the party you wish you could be at and drives da camaro.The Party is a god among men
Damn there goes the Party in his camaro...Were you just at that party wiht him? I know i wasn't but i wish i would have been...fuck hes the god damn Party
by Sherman October 24, 2004
When you go home and your going to take your girl friend dead or alive.
"Yo Bob, Robocop that bitch"
"Dead or alive"
by Sherman November 11, 2007
A really bad STD resulting in the release of menstrual fluid from a male
Ur fucked! she gave u Kutney!
by Sherman December 02, 2004
A girl who looks like a man but is a total bitch
Jesse St.John Is a huge man bitch
by Sherman May 12, 2004
energy drink for rappers
Get KRUNK!!! Lil John
by Sherman November 08, 2004
is also not a word. since when is someone anti-arab?, Arabs are also semitic. If your anti-jew, then that should be the word. Not anti-semitic. Anti-Semtic means you are against Arabs, Hebrews etc.

he's anti-semitic, he hates arabs.

the word "Anti-Semitism" should be liberated for all Semitic people. And Jews are not Semitic, They are Khazarian (Ashkenazic, European) The Only Semitic Jews are Sephards
He's Anti-Semitic, He hates Arabs
by Sherman February 23, 2005
The offspring of an inter-racial couple, a bashtard, and a disgrace
Dang yo..this little brat is a heinz 57..the brat and his mother is a disgrace to the white/chinese/black communities.
by Sherman February 08, 2005
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