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1. To be making money, generally a lot of it.
2. To be on the clock at work.
3. Working in general

words are commonly placed in between stackin' and loot. the words are reversable as well. for example.
stackin' mad loot
stackin' crazy loot
stackin' some loot
stackin' that loot
loot stackin'
"What are you doin man?"
"Ohh i'm just at work for a while stackin' loot"

"Yo is that a good job?"
"Hell yeah son, I be stackin' mad loot at that place"

I've been loot stackin all day man, now it's time to unwind.
#money #cheese #chips #loot #cash
by sherLocke October 24, 2005
1. A blunt (see blunt, L, philly, dutch, etc.) that is large in diameter. A blunt containing 3 or more grams of marijuana can safely be considered a cannon.
roll a cannon
spark the cannon
that cannon killed me man
#blunt #l #philly #marijuana #pot
by sherLocke October 24, 2005
1. a suspicious person
2. somebody who can't handle themselves when they are under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or a combination of the two. This results in them drawing unwanted attention towards themselves or towards the group he/she is with.
stop being a sus head
sus head, chill out son
just shutup hit the L and stop being a sus head
sus head toss me a brew
#suspicious #head #sus #person #agro
by sherLocke October 24, 2005
1. To smoke large quanitites of pot numerous times in a row. Generally applied when you are trying to stay high for the entire day.
2. To get stoned
"hey man whutch you doin today?" "yo nothin man just lampin out, my classes got cancled."

hey man spark that L and lets lamp out

get lamped out

and in its simplest form: "lamp out"
#high #weed #stoned #chillin #spliffed
by sherLocke November 04, 2005
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