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sexy.tall.beautiful. shes the popular girl that everyone eaither knows and loves or wants 2. ushally dates boys with brown hair and blue eyes. tends to have alot of friends and besties. the girl that everyguy wants but cant have. blonde aubreys are ushally very skinny and tend to be anorexic. if aubrey is brunete, she tends to be balimic. blonde aubreys go after guys named tanner and brunete ones like boys named david. aubrey is a natural beauty and gets any boy she wants. aubrey is very outgoing and enegetic/spirted. she knows what she wants and she gets it. aubrey's tend to do alot of sports expically cheerleading.
girl: wow that new girl is so pretty and perfect she must be an aubrey
boy:look at her ass it is hott!
other boy: too bad she's dating tanner
girl:i wish i looked like her
by sheluvsya June 02, 2010

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