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any time after 12:00pm to start pouring cold ones
My morning has sucked a fat one, I cant wait for the drafternoon.
by sheepyone December 31, 2008
contaminated shit that rains from your ass with possible spicey, stinging and/or staining properties.
The flowers wilted in the bathroom after my assid rain dump.
by sheepyone January 14, 2009
a maniacal flaming homosexual.
Stephen and all his handbags, what a fruitcase!
by sheepyone June 07, 2011
A female goatee or any abnormal facial hair on a woman.
Our waitress was pretty hot until a hair from her doetee fell in my salad.
by sheepyone February 20, 2011
The kind of irritation that one gets only after drinking beer, whether its hostility or internal, like the stomach or colon
Man, toward the end of the night, I was getting so fucking beerritated with Ernie. He can be such a tool.
Natural Light makes my stomach beerritated, can't drink that stuff.
by sheepyone December 31, 2008
tending or used to cure the intense need or passion to have anal
Girl I'm gonna need you to turn over, I need some medicanal attention.
by sheepyone December 09, 2008
Intense, fast moving feces to the effect of class five rapids.
The sudden need to find a place to dump.
Dude, that burrito I had last night gave me crapids into the wee hours of the morning!
by sheepyone December 21, 2008

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