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A fake, shallow friendship between two Christians that is based solely on common belief in Jesus. In a "christianship," your "friend" will pretend to love you and will say nice Christian things to you. If you begin questioning your beliefs or, even worse, lose your faith, this "friend" will leave you in a heart beat. You are no longer one of "God's people" and you have been deceived by Satan. This supposed "friend" who you thought cared about you as a person actually only liked you because you were Christian. This person will want nothing to do with you and will likely only say (oftentimes in a condensing fashion) "I will pray for you."
My friend Lindsay found out last week that I'm atheist. Now she won't talk to me. I've tried texting and calling her but she won't respond. When I ran into her at the library, I tried saying "Hey!" but she completely ignored me. It looks like our christianship is over. :/
by sheepster2 October 14, 2012

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