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"Neopets" is a virtual pet site where you can not only throw away your time, but also your money, sanity, and social life! Though it has a "battledome", a place where you can have your pet fight another pet with various weapons, the word "hit" is blocked from the chatboards to prevent naughty discussions, because on Neopets, bad things don't exist! And good old "TNT" (the neopets team) blocked all words related to Twilight, isn't that great? Now, you can struggle to type out your Uncle Edward, Grandma Bella, and sister Alice's names! If that's not enough to get you to join, get this! After all the time you've spent collecting pixels, TNT just might freeze you for hacking, for no reason whatsoever! Cool, huh? Neopets even has this great feature where you can report anybody you want! That's right! Anyone! Did that sarcasm hurt your feelings? Well lucky for you, one fake sob story and click of a button, and they're gone! The best part is, over 70% of the population are illiterate 11 year olds who whine and cry and angst and squeal about crappy bands! There's even bitchy adults who TNT just adore, that spend all of their lives hovering over a computer screen instead of tending to their children and going on dates! Isn't that fun? Well, I hope you enjoy your time on Neopets!
1) Brittney: Hey, what'd you do for your birthday?
Jessica: I spent my whole day trying to get a highscore on "Evil Fuzzles From Beyond The Stars", then I celebrated with my guild members and they sent me a bunch of cool items!

2)Kelly: Hey, Becky, do you still play Neopets?
Becky: Are you kidding? that site used to be fun, but since Viacom bought it, it hasn't been the same!
by sheepiscool November 26, 2009

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