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The space between your helmet and your goggles exposing your forehead while skiing. Extremely bad gorby gaps can show over an inch of forehead, and sometimes even have strands of hair falling over the person's goggles. Gorby gaps can be caused by a bad fall, or the person just not knowing any better. A good skiier can get a gorby gap and will be laughed at, but gorby gap is almost always seen on a Gorby.
"You just packed crap dude, you better fix your goggles you've got a gorby gap."

"Check out that poser with the huge gorby gap."
by she.rides.pow April 21, 2007
A term used by snowboarders/skiiers referring to the zippers at the ankles of your snowboard pants that zip up to make your pants tighter around your boots. Unzipped they make the pants appear baggier and therefore more "ghetto".
"Undo your ghetto flaps you look like a homo."
by she.rides.pow April 21, 2007
Coming from the term Gnarly meaning awesome, great or rad. Gnar Kill is something or someone who ruins something gnarly.
"This rain is a gnar kill."

"Jordan is such a gnar kill, he can't keep up."
by she.rides.pow April 21, 2007
A term mainly used by snowboarders to describe something or someone with exceptional style. Often used to describe clothing or a trick that is performed looking effortless and smooth.
"Staci's got good steeze."
(could be refering to her clothing style or snowboard style)

"What a steezy shirt"

"That backside 3 had so much steeze"
by she.rides.pow April 21, 2007
Snowboard boots that are extremely stylish.
"Check out my boot steeze."
by she.rides.pow April 21, 2007
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