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1. An analogy drawing a comparison with one's self and Spartacus, a Roman Gladiator who led an army of rebels, in order to show a similarity in some respect.

2. Latin: Spartacus
-from the city of Sparta

3. (Literally) I am Spartacus
1. "That Thing You Do!" (1996)
Guy Patterson: "I led you here, sir, for I am Spartacus."

2. "Hey bro, where you from?"
"I am Spartacus (from the city of
"Right. I'll catch you lata man."

3.Spartacus: "I am Spartacus"
(Nameless): "Holy shit dude, that's
insane! It must be cool to
lead an army of Gladiator
Spartacus: "It has its perks."
by shawnjohn April 21, 2006

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