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two words in a phrase that are opposites
millitary intellegence

canadian army

british honor

honor among thieves

living dead

jumbo shrimp

51. Friendly Fire
50. Act naturally
49. Found missing
48. Resident alien
47. Advanced BASIC
46. Genuine imitation
45. Airline Food
44. Good grief
43. Same difference
42. Almost exactly
41. Government organization
40. Sanitary landfill
39. Alone together
38. Legally drunk
37. Silent scream
36. British fashion
35. Living dead
34. Small crowd
33. Business ethics
32. Soft rock
30. Military Intelligence
29. Software documentation
28. New York culture
27. New classic
26. Sweet sorrow
25. Childproof
24. "Now, then ..."
23. Synthetic natural gas
22. Christian Scientists
21. Passive aggression
20. Taped live
19. Clearly misunderstood
18. Peace force
17. Extinct Life
16. Temporary tax increase
14. Plastic glasses
13. Terribly pleased
12. Computer security
11. Political science
10. Tight slacks
9. Definite maybe
8. Pretty ugly
7. Twelve-ounce pound cake
6. Diet ice cream
5. Rap music
4. Working vacation
3. Exact estimate
2. Religious tolerance

And the Number one top OXY-Moron . . .

1. Microsoft Works
by shawn im so kool October 22, 2005
the sudden urge to eat a "Big Mac" from miccie-dees (McDonald's). teary eyes and a drooling mouth are some symptoms.
kid:i am having a bic mac attack get me a dam burger!

me: Will some one get this kid a happy meal!!?!?!?!?
by shawn im so kool April 14, 2005
this thing of monotonous repeats of a dialy routine

basicly you start cold covered in blood and end that way too cold and covered in blood
life i dotn have much of one thats why i post here ='(
by shawn im so kool October 22, 2005
aan organization that stands for

PETA took my dog im so scared!
by shawn im so kool May 24, 2005
being hit in the face at full force by a fist!
smoothal got is going to get knocked off the block by shawn im so kool
by shawn im so kool April 15, 2005
where norwegians coem from

history teacher:meet the new norwegian forgien exchange student

student:wheres norwegia?

by shawn im so kool October 22, 2005
the best song ever made by korn, who cant even spell thier name right, and probably the olny hit they are ever going to make.
moron: DDDDDDDUUUUUUDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEE do u listen to "korn's" song "word up"?!?!!??!

me: shut up u tree hugging hippie!
by shawn im so kool March 24, 2005

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