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by far the greatest band of all time. a kick-ass mixture of alternative metal with reggae, rap, and a bunch of other shit that is guaranteed to blow you away. the church should make nick, sa, p-nut, chad, and tim saints beause they are kickass.
go buy the cd "from chaos", it is, in my opinion, 311's best work.
by Shaun June 24, 2004
shit that is mushy or runny, started on the dave chappelle show
i had mudbutt last night and it sucked
by shaun January 30, 2005
geek out is a lame term used to describe when a person starts to get really fucked up and cannot control their actions, words, or emotions. Usually used in the mid 90's or in a hippie society.
I told you not to let that motherfucker hit the bong again, see he's starting to geek out and shit.

Hey bitch, if you start to geek out I'm going to slap you right in your face!
by Shaun July 29, 2005
When you push your package (genitals) between your legs and then moon someone
I thought he was going to moon me, but instead he gave me a growler.
by Shaun January 20, 2005
Somewhere far away in a remote place or unsafe place (ie: ghetto)
Damn, his house is in the Cutty Bang

We gotta drive to the cutty bang to get to the liquor store.
by Shaun November 18, 2003
some stupid name for a joke mailing list
marcus is a monkeyshine
by Shaun March 28, 2003
boobs, mammaries, breasts, titties
She bared her plapps and pubes
by Shaun February 11, 2004
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