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world war 3 will happen because of the evergrowing situation in the middle east

israel at this moment in time ( late july 2006) is attacking lebanon.

the USA, of course have become involved and wanted israel to attack lebanon to spark this war.

they want to get iran and syria involved as you will probably constantly hear them mentioning them in this conflict.

when iran and syria get involved,russia and china will back them. korea will also get involved.nuclear attacks will happen and millions,maybe even a billion will die.

the USA is the big bully in all of this. they sit back and watch as irael do whatever they like. they have killed hudnreds in lebanon.

has the USA said anything?
they even rejected a cease fire as they say its a false promise
but we all know, that the usa could stop israel attacking lebanon and perhaps stop this war from escalating if they told israel to stop killing sulliviliians

but as we all know the usa goverment want to attack iran for the oil

coz really they are fat hungry greedy bastards,with the stench of iraqi's blood on thier hands

i beg all american citizens to get bush out of power!

World War III has begun, in this new millenium.millions were slaughtered

dont deny this people
WW3 is starting so get into your bomb shelters!
by sharp7 July 22, 2006
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