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3 definitions by shannagins

One of the smartest schools in the state of Pennsylvania...Not everyone smokes up and gets wasted each weekend,every high school has kids like that. It is just a accustion Kennett makes because mushrooms are the only things it has going for it.
Unionville High School may have its share of daddy's girl sluts and Hummers parked in the school parking lot, but it also have the highest test scores in our state, and about 97% of the school goes to college.
by shannagins December 19, 2004
154 87
A small town, proudly known as the mushroom captial of the world (big woop). Also can be called little Mexico, well actually could be considered the real Mexico, because everyone from Mexico has skipped the border and is now living in Kennett Square.
Almost half if Kennet High school solely speaks spanish, this could explain why standardized test scores are so low...they are in English, the is the U.S.
by shannagins December 19, 2004
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a very ugly and annoying person
"stop talking to me you stupid quweet."
by shannagins December 30, 2004
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