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It is a female who performs oral sex on a male until he reaches orgasm, and afterwards she requests to be taken out to eat at whataburger.
Male " Wow, mmmm, that was an amazing blow job."

Female " Mmm, yes baby that was so hot, I'm really getting hungry now, can you take me to eat at whataburger? "

Male " What, you'll give head that great for a whataburger, your a whataburger whore."
by shanlew April 06, 2011
A female who lives in one of the varied United States that provides alimony payments for an ambitionless female, who attracts a certain type of male who only frequents such states; who is searching for an easy, low expectation relationship with her, who finds her a real cheap catch, that another man/alimony payor continues to support, unbenounced to the alimony female.
Hey man did you check out that hot alimony babe? Yeah shes a real catch, her ex husband still pays alimony and I don't have to do nothing... I can take her for a .99 cent burger and she'll do anything sexually...
by shanlew April 07, 2011
It is a person who eavesdrops on people they've had sex with, and other individuals. Takes the sex partner to whataburger, then the person repeats confidential information back to the sex partner, in which coincidentally the person who was spied upon figures out the persons job is a cover up, and the person is actually a spy.
I just love to eat at whataburger after sex, it makes me feel like a whataburger spy.
by shanlew April 07, 2011

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