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Standard universal tool used to rate the respective flaccidity or turgidness of a male's genitals in any situation worth officially documenting:

1 Completely Flaccid
2 Stirring of the Loins
3 Beginning to Lift
4 Fun, Yet Floppy
5 Nursing the Perfect Semi
6 Veins & Details Appear
7 Hot to Touch
8 Rebounds to Hit the Stomach
9 Moves of its Own Accord*
10 Permanent Erection**
*Must be able to perform one complete cock push-up.
**Only achievable through Viagra/Cocaine - requires surgical removal.
In England:

Josh: "Jesus man, does Max have a boner??"
Ross: "Aye, about a 6 on the International Boner Scale, no doubt"
Josh: "Yeah, I'd agree with that"

En France:

Jacques: "Zut alors! Max, a-t-il la trique??!"
Sébastien: "Ouais... Un six selon l'échelle internationale des érections"
Jacques: "Ben je suis d'accord..."
by shanghaiunderground September 10, 2009
Term used to describe the violent shaking motion of the outer genitals of females. Typically occurs as a result of poking, slapping, quick physical movement and in some cases intercourse.
As Gemma removed her underwear in preparation for her morning shower, she accidentally fell over naked in the bathroom. The resulting burgerquake could have moved mountains.
by shanghaiunderground January 20, 2009

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