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An E-mail sent someone with an especially Douchey tone. Most of them time sent by someone who is frustrated by the receivers stupidity.
I had to fire off some Douche-Mails earlier this morning, those customer service people are morons who frustrate me to no end.
by shaginwagin April 19, 2010
Technical resources that are incredibly slow and impossible to get a concrete answer out of, specifially pre-sale resources.
Sales: "Hey Carlos, I have a phone that I need to know is compatible with my network. Can you help me out?" Wed 12/16/2009 5:31 AM

Pre-Sales: "Sure, what do you need?" Wed 5/5/2010 4:39 PM

Sales: "Oh nevermind, I figured it our 5 Months ago. What is this Pre-Snails engineering!?"

Pre-Snails: "Sorry, I was busy"
by shaginwagin May 05, 2010
A large joint consisting of 3 papers. it is two papers long with an extra paper in the middle for ease of rolling.
"It's 4:20, wanna blaze a joint?" "nope, because I have a 6" long English Proper all rolled up for our enjoyment"
by shaginwagin April 14, 2010
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