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To say something on facebook that you would normally mumble under your breath.
Hey did you see what she said on facebook after you chewed her out at the party? Naw. That girl is always fumbling.
by shadowdragon3050 March 31, 2015
For the ladies with big hips.
Daaang look at that girl she ain't got hips she got grips
by shadowdragon3050 February 08, 2011
S.O.Y.A Speaking Out Your Ass.

Use as a reply to people who speak as they have proof or studies the subject yet when ask for proof they either say look it up yourself or deflect for the question.
The sky is blue be cause of all the dye that the government puts in the water.

Can you prove that?

Look it up yourself I am to busy to supply proof and you wouldn't believe me anyway.

Oh that must be a S.O.Y.A theory.
by shadowdragon3050 October 16, 2014

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