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A game that's entertaining at first, gets you addicted and eventually you realise it requires almost no skill. The people that have the highest rank just have the highest number of geeky followers "clicking their link".
I just realised, Kings of Chaos sucks!
by Sh4w March 11, 2006
A completely unnecessary and moronic variation on the word "cool". It's harder to type than "cool" and makes you look like a retard if you say it.
"dats wel kewl!"
"Hush up retard."
by sh4w March 12, 2006
A phenomenon that occurs when a person is so fat that the fat on their hands surrounds and covers their knuckles, leaving then with dimples where their knuckles should be sticking out. Varies according to just how disgustingly fat the person is. If you have donut dimples, lose weight now.
"Damn! Look at that fatty's donut dimples!"
by Sh4w September 09, 2006
A legendary text-based strategy online game. Has a small player base and the game resets every 45 days, players compete to be the largest and strongest player. Each person controls a 'province', part of a 'Kingdom' which may contain up to 10 people. The player must manage resources such as food, gold, lumber and crystals, train units, attack other provinces and cast magic. Adjustments to the game are made every round and there is a good forum for discussion on the site.
"The new Ages Of War round starts soon."
"OMG, better make my province".
by Sh4w March 11, 2006

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