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A country in Asia.
Below China, and beside Japan across the sea.

are the well known companies around the world and also led to the growth of the Korean economy.

The country is also known for
soap operas, dramas (rather cheesy)
ex. Winter Sonata
and pop music groups (called K-pop)
ex. Boa, SNSD

Food is quite popular between foreigners.
Things like Kimchee, Kimbap, and the Korean barbecue are famous.
A lot foods use garlic and red chili.

Korean Parents are very into education.
Education means everything,

good education would guarantee good jobs.

Attending to university is a free pass to get away from joining the army.
Many koreans study outside of the country like the US and Canada to learn English.

Also, many Koreans hate Japan from the annexation.
Many think the Japanese government denies to apologize for what Japan did during the annexation period, when the Japanese government has multiple times. (Last one was Aug,15,2010 )
There is also collisions between the two countries with Dokdo/Takeshima island.

(Well, i guess its normal for neighboring countries to not get along. Happens all over the world.)
All three of my Korean friends: South Korea is the best country and its going to rule the world in any time.
by sgbb October 31, 2010
Beach babe; hot surfer girl
That salty babe always shows up to class right after surfing, straight out of the ocean; she's still got salt in her hair and sand on her toes.
by SGBB April 16, 2014

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