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Its a psychedelic drug. Pretty dangerous, actually. The most important thing everyone needs to learn and understand is that it is indeed a mild form of acid. The trip is just as intense, although it only lasts 5-10 minutes. But it feels like forever. From past experiences, I always say bong it. The smoke tastes disgusting from a pipe or joint, and it burns extremely fast. The trip was everything I thought acid would be. I remember taking 1 hit of 20x from a bong, and thinking it would be a disappointment. But before I even exhaled, I had no idea what was happening. For me, the beginning of the trip was dream like. I advise disgression with this drug. Don't do it alone...you'll flip your shit. And it's not like weed or alcohol. There's no way to "play it cool" in the middle of a salvia experience. Everyone will know you're tripping balls.
by sfdkjihrnbru July 30, 2008

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