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Verbally active person. Impossible to study with.
Ur such an Arina!
by sf December 15, 2003
A shorted way of saying Good Night! Often used in friendly IRC channels
* puppet is tired
<puppet> nite all
<Kid> nite puppet :)
* puppet has quit IRC (Quit: ZZZzzzzZZz)
by SF April 12, 2004
The act of playing with someones penis without them knowing. Usually takes place while someone is unconcious or very drunk.
Eric liked playing with cock so much that he would slip drugs into mens drinks and take advantage of them while they were sleeping. They now call him the cock burglar.
by SF September 28, 2004
the sexiest man alive. mmmmmmm
russell crowe is the sexiest man alive
by sf August 13, 2004
A fat bastard with a weight problem.
Mike J.
by SF March 25, 2003
A person who spends most of their time online checking peoples AIM infos constantly, even when they know it wont be different.
Sam is SUCH a profile slut
by SF March 03, 2003
Homosexual beyond all doubt
You are the Lord of the Pinky Rings
by SF November 01, 2003
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