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-Possibly the greatest lyricist ever
-Mind blowingly inteligent, puts any interviewer who trys to have a go to shame
-Controversial, yet he will always have a reason for doing whatever he did, and will be able to justify anything he does or condones.
-Exellent painter who is internationally recognized and has had exhibitions all over the world
-Could be an incredibly accurate political and social analysist, judging by his songs and interviews, this is probably due to his journalistic work.
-Style icon fore scene/emo and even british indie kids
Even people who dont like marilyn manson should watch his interviews on youtube, at least to find out how incredibly intelligent he is, and how valid his opinions are on almost any topic. Even though i am only 15, and am what some would call "scene" please dont disregard this. It is completely accurate.
by sexyirishboi March 25, 2008
the coolest fucken race of people anywhere in the world, who kicked those bastard brits right out of the country!!! yeooo!!!
irish are herrenvolk
by sexyirishboi December 01, 2007

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