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The kind of bangs that go straight across. Most commonly found on small asian children, punk rock bass-playin' chicks, and indie movie stars. Usually a result of a do-it-yourself haircut, or a really expensive haircut made to look like you did it yourself.
Check out that chick's full frontal bangs, she must have used a ruler to cut those.
by sevflorenz November 03, 2010
"Five Loko: When Four Just Isn't Enough"

Adding any sort of hard liquor to a Four Loko, preferably whiskey. A practice most commonly seen amongst broke college students, and anyone else who is either A) adventurous or B) has a death wish. Typically results in a crazed, bear-like, drunken state.
Man, this Four Loko just isn't doing it for me. Whip out the vodka and let's get some Five Loko going.
by sevflorenz November 14, 2010

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