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A quippy, sometimes frustrating comeback or response to a question, statement or insult delivered by a close companion. Often used simply to bide time for a real response or to show disinterest in a subject.

Flagrant usage in Halo's multilayer mode as an expression of superiority or disdain toward other players.(see EXAMPLE #3)

*There is no known retort to this quip except the liberal use of you wish coupled with your face. This method can end up a frenzy of retorts however.(see EXAMPLE #4)
**EXAMPLE #1 "the disinterested response"**

(as an answer)
dude: You see that Britany Spore video?
guy: ummm... Your Face!

(as a quip)
dude: "dude... I saw this crazy show on the discovery channel about muskrats and(cut off by use)..."
guy: "Dude!.. Your Face!"

**EXAMPLE #2 "the bide for time response"**

dude: "Do you want to get KFC or Popeyes?"
guy: "Your Face!..."
dude: "seriously"
guy: "Your Face is serious"
dude: "..."
guy: "I wanna hamburger"

**EXAMPLE #2 "the comeback"**

dude: "guy, you can't drive for shit!"
guy: "Your Face!"

**EXAMPLE #3 "the Halo usages")**

(superior response)
player1: "WHAT THE CRAP!... I Totally Shot you in the face!"
player2: "Your Face!"

(disdane response)
player3: "HA hahahaha, dude I fragged your ass"
player4: "uh hu... Your Face!"

**EXAMPLE #4 "the only known retort"**

dude: "ha ha ha ha... Your such a freakin moron"
guy: "Your Face!"
dude: "you wish my face!"
guy: " you wish I wish your face!"
dude: "... your face."
by seventhapex October 09, 2007

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