2 definitions by sevenlayercookie

A person who is so retarded that it will most likely end in his/her own death.
Bob: That guy just answered an iron instead of his phone.

Prometheus: What a dumbass!

Bob: I would just die if I were terminally retarded...
by sevenlayercookie October 08, 2009
1. An insult/comeback that can humiliate the most big-headed dumb asses.

2. An action or statement that utterly embarrasses the doer or sayer.
1. Prometheus: You are to me as a swarm of ants to a pubic mound!

Bob: Touche! That was ego-bending...

2. In biology: "Masticate?! Are you serious?! HAHAHA!"
by sevenlayercookie October 25, 2009

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