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Killuminations is a Mix-tape released (2010) by hip-hop artist Set A Part 302 by way of Wilminton, Delaware he created this word by combining Killuminati (kill- Iluminati) a phrase made by the late Hip Hop Ledgend Tupac, Word meaning kill the illuminati (the Elite) and the word nation. Killuminations is a nation of people that have open their eyes to the truth around them, (9/11 was a inside job) People who are the front line in the war for your mind body and soul, (911 truthers, truthseekers, consiracy theorist, actvist, any one who speaks out to the powers that be. "Seek thruth and unveil the true deception" Killuminations Vol 1 is FREE @ setapart302.com
#killuminati #illuminati #nation #setapart302 #mixtape
by setapart302 August 31, 2010
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