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Garment generally worn by psychedelic voyagers whilst tripping the hyperreal spaceways of untime. Provide complete protection against all common dangers such journeys frequently involve; house music, bad energy dragging you down, politicians, psychedelic love juice, bad trips, alien death rays, and Jeremy Beadle.

The only force LOUD enough to break down the psy-pants' defensive barrier is techno and even then it must be excessively filthy and sustained continuously for several days to have any noticable effect.

Psy-pants are hard to spot since they employ a holographic emitter which makes them look like moth-eaten old corduroy.

They can be purchased from any reputable druid, UV glow stall, or head shop, and need no batteries since they are powered by cosmic energy.
Billy held the flame to the bowl, igniting the minute quantity of powder he'd carefully weighed up about an hour earlier. It burned rigorously, the pale smoke filling his lungs with its complex chemistry. As he held his breath, the toxin slowly crossing the membrane into his blood stream, one unnerving thought struck home: he'd forgotten his psy-pants. He exhaled, but it was already too late...
by serializer April 18, 2007
Edyoucated folks write text messages using full spelling and grammar. For instance, "you" instead of "u"; and "your" or "you're" instead of "ur".
(Conversation via SMS)
Babs: heya hows u? x
Frederick: I'm very well thank you my dear. I trust you are in the best of sorts yourself?
Babs: gud thx hun. cn i c u ltr?
Frederick: Well, I've a meeting this afternoon with an associate; perhaps after that, you could come over to mine for a glass of brandy?
Babs: oo ur edyoucated u r! cu then xxx
by serializer October 21, 2007

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