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1 definition by serb 4 life PRAVOSLAVAC

Serb..coming form the race serbians..
serbs are south slavs from the peninsula, and jugoslavija & the kingdom of serbs..
Serb is a meaning for one person who comes from the race serbian.. it is a shorcut.. eg: she is a serb ( instead of she is a serbian girl)
Serbs are from the kingdom of serbs, but now form serbia & montenegro.. we serbs are similar to the greeks, russians & macedonians..
We all believe in one thing :: god
we all have the same religion :: ORTHODOX
we all have the same belief :: god (Boga), the virgin mary (bogorodica), jesus (isus), our saints (sveti jovan, sveti sava, sveti vasulije and so on)
we all have the same christmas, eatser :: christmas (Bozic) JANUARY 7TH , easter (uskrus) APRIL but is always 1 week after the Australian EASTER)
Any serb would know this :P
Greeks, russians & macedonians r our orthodox borthers & sisters.. through our religion.. beliefs.. friendships, countires boardering eachother.. we are connected.
I am serbian.. :) my parents are serbs, my dad is a serb.. he was in the war against the croatz.. we won :).. our country was fromaly called YUOGLSAVIJA (yuoglsavia) (kingdom of serbs), it then changed to SERBIJA, now formaly known as SERBIA & MONTENEGRO (srbija i crna gora).
our history goes far back in the 15 bc.. the turks took over our country.. we got it back.. many ciities were ruined.. our food and music changed. but not too much, we still have traditional serbian food and music.. AND our religion stood strong.. ORTHODOX.. we are not the type of people to be pushed around by muslims or any other religion.. we got out country back after a war with the Ottoman Empire and his Ottoman Turks.. KARADJORJE is our hero.. (rather not tell you all the details, but he killed the empire)
We are serbs.. we are not affraid of anything, were religious people, who believe in god, jesus and the virgin mary, we go along our daily lifes praying and believing and having faith in our religious beliefs.
We follow our comandments, and go to church every sunday, before a saint day.. a few days before christmas, a few days before easter.
We are not anoying people, we are not refugee's, we are not non slavic.. we are not catholic.. we are not what you people assume us to be.. why don't you's come to our country.. and see how it is, and see WHAT : our food is, our music, our events, our churches and OUR PEOPLE.
We are not refugee's.
We are serbs from SERBIA & MONTENEGRO..
with the backgrounds of : bosna (bosnia & hercigovina), kosovo.
by serb 4 life PRAVOSLAVAC October 26, 2005
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