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a town outside of san diego county. most people from temecula cant afford to live in san diego, but they wont tell you that. the population of temecula consists of 12 year old emo kids with hot topic clothes often seen wandering the mall ,teenagers with lifted trucks that have never seen dirt and have logos of companys that would never sponsor them, so they pay to have the logos put on thier trucks. the older residents of temecula all work desk jobs .these jobs are all in san diego. if you want a close up of these folks,wait where the 78/15 freeway merge in escondido. these desk slaves clogg this part of the freeway sure as the sun rises 5 days a week. The average teenage guy from temecula can eaisily spotted because they all wear the same mall bought clothes examples:skin indusrty active lost no fear ect ect ect.you will know them because all they say is yeah brah we mobbed that jump!got like six inches of air!
you will know if you are in temecula because every lifted stickered truck will have a quad or dirtbike in the back. these quads and dirtbikes never see the dirt. they just sit in the back of the truck so everyone knows you are from temecula.
temecula girls are an easy topic to cover. they all look the same and act the same. that is fake.
brah im in temecula with my dirtbike lets do some broadies!
by sephhile February 22, 2006

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