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This definition of the word originated in central Kentucky circa 2003. The word describes a typical culture trend affecting many college age "18-30" persons of either gender. A tark can be identified by either their physical appearance or by their cultural mindset. Tarks are usually politically very liberal and can be of any sexuality or religious affiliation. Their disposition is typically very conceited and classist in which if you are not part of their party then you are an outcast.
Physically the tark's are what many would consider to dress trendy or in a "coffee shop style". They dress big city although they reside in a half horse town. their fashion taste can be compared with retro trendy metro sexual artsy or just plain different so that they can draw extra attention to themselves. They pretend to be intellectuals although they usually have virtually nothing original to say and very much to repeat. Tark's of both genders tend to have what many would consider a "snobby" taste in popular culture topics, especially music, in which they feel that they belong to cliquish fan bases of particular bands that are "under ground" in their opinion. They tend to know more, in their mind, about music than actual musicians and more about film than actual filmmakers, more about art than actual artists even though they couldn't draw you a stick man if their life depended on it. In short socially tark's believe they have a highly valued opinion about a great many things but for which they have very little credibility to base that opinion on.
Synonymous with hipster (not hippie) art fag poser ect.
I am trying to use the word tark in a sentence.
by sepecat April 23, 2008

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