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One who admires the Wang of another. Or, indeed, his own. Often will wear t-shirts confirming his 'wang admirer' status. While all gays are wang admirers, not all wang admirers are openly gay. They know what they like to look at, so they look at it.
Doug: "I am a Wang admirer. I wear a t-shirt that says it."

Liam: "T'other night, I woke up, right, and there were Doug, wang in hand, in mirror like, admirin' it!"
by senecauk July 10, 2008
A line of cocaine and crushed-up xanax.
"Snax is much better than 'kandy', which is ketamine and mandy. We are way cooler than lots of those lame-Os who do Kandy." Oli & Alex
by senecauk March 24, 2008
Inspired by the Wagon Wheel adverts (ooh! you would), 'wagon' means an attractive member of the opposite sex. Often coupled with jokes like, 'I'd leap aboard that wagon and just ride it till the next town'. Cf 'bandwagon' - a GROUP of wagons.
(looking at fit girl): "wagon".
by senecauk June 05, 2006
A drink largely marketed at the gay community, particularly in England. Gays drink Disaronno straight, but 'super-gays' drink it with coke, or, worse, DIET coke. If you see a man drinking Disaronno, and you're not in a gay club...run, because you actually are in a gay club.
Oli: "I need to buy more Disaronno."
Alex: "Why?"
Oli: "Cause I'm really gay."
Alex: "You're not going to...mix it with anything are you?"
Oli: "Yeah. Coke."
Alex: "Aww no."
by senecauk February 18, 2008

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