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When you take such a big dump that poo rises above the water line and there's a ton of poo underneath, just like an iceberg.
I just took a huge dump and left a nice poopoo iceberg in there for everyone to look at.
by seeen October 04, 2006
diggity dank ass chron chron.
smoke a big spliff of some good sensimilla.
by seeen May 28, 2004
A government started by Joe STATE and VP Seeen STATE.

The greatest government that has ever existed
so dude, STATE's birthday bash last year was fuckin badass.
by SEEEN June 13, 2004
1. oh coo
2. what the hell, whatever
3. oh shit
guy: hey dude, your car got pimped by xzibit or funkmaster flex
me: oh good


guy: hey dude, your car was stolen
me: ugh, oh good
by seeen March 29, 2006
the ultra hot way to say "joke"
Some chick- Really? You mean it?
Me- fuck NO. it was a jolk you ho. damn, you ugly.
by SEEEN June 23, 2004
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