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Whilst standing at attention, instead of raising your straightened hand to your eyebrow, or tip of you hat, you lower it to the tip of your woman pleaser. A great way to show respect amongst other bros, or in the military, a way of disrespecting a female officer.
EX.1: LT Garcia got pretty pissed when I gave her the cock salute this morning on the pier, damn bitch got me on extra duty now.

EX.2: As you approach Ron Jeremy, the only true way to show your respects is to render a cock salute, and carry on your day.
by seed323 February 25, 2010
Usually referred to a sphincter, the Porpus Hole is ones anus with no hair on it. Usually belonging to a female.
That chick from cakefarts.com has a beautiful Porpus Hole
by seed323 January 31, 2010
When a man stacks a chick on her shoulders so her exposed asshole is in the air, insert an American flag into her stinker, stand at attention, muster a cock salute, and start singing the National Anthem.
Boy I would love to give the American standard to that iraqi chick, that would be a very patriotic.
by seed323 February 25, 2010

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