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1 definition by secret@ngel

the greatest guy on earth. he is pure, and lovable, and perfect. he puts God first, and wants a girl who does the same. he is the most generous person on earth. devoting his time to God. he isn't quick to judge, but is quick to get to know you. he makes an awesome friend. he is funny, sarcastic at times, but doesn't really mean all the mean things he says, for he has the heart of an angel. he is handsome, and athletic. he will find a girl who is beautiful, pure, funny, smart, sweet, perfect in his eyes. if you have a dima in your life, you are lucky because you have found a rare treasure. so cherish every moment with him, because not a second will be forgotten if he's around.
"dima made my day yesterday, because he's so awesome."
by secret@ngel October 18, 2011