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An individual, likely to be inbred, with all of his/her facial features in a very small area (about a 3" x 3" area) and completely lacking a supraorbital ridge. Smallfaces are most often found at NASCAR events. The most famous examples include the pitcher Randy Johnson and the banjo-playing kid from the movie Deliverance.
Jim: Hey,Mary Lou, what do you think about my friend Bob? I think he kinda likes you.
Mary Lou: That sumbitch is a smallface. I mean, check out that face. His eyes, nose, and mouth are all within an inch of each other!
by seanstreck September 14, 2008
An individual who lacks total hossness. Most anti-hosses are from Ohio and are commonly toasted to as being the anti-hoss. Examples include Kanye West and "E" from Entourage.
Sean: Man, that there Hugh kid cannot even take down two shots of tequila without throwing up.
Jeep: Yeah, Hugh is certainly an anti-hoss.
by Seanstreck September 15, 2009

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