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Someone who likes to sit on the tip of a pen, prefferably so that it slides into the anus. A way for a female (or male) to pleasure themselves in a school or university classroom.
Man! David was being a real Ink Slider today during japanese class
#anal #seepage #mug #booty call #crusty
by seanrauharo April 28, 2007
A female whos vagina has been fucked so many times, that her vagina flaps have literally turned to what looks like a jar of mushy peas. And even lathering the penis with a thick slimy liquid after sex.
Hey that chick is really hot, have you fucked her before?
Yer once, but dont try her, shes a real mush cunt, had to wash myself for a few hours after doing here, still havnt gotten rid of the smell of my cock.
#loose #loose vagina #mega loose #whore #ho
by seanrauharo April 28, 2007
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