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A band loved by some, not loved by most. Consists of members from Wilmette, Glenview, and maybe other Chicago suburbs. They are judged by everyone much too soon. Pete Wentz (bassist/lyricist) is married to Ashlee Simpson, and they recently had a child. What a fucked up life that kid's going to have. Some may say they are underrated, most would say they're overrated. But, from all of us diehards, at least give something a chance before you come on urbandictionary and bash it. It just makes you sound dumb when they only "bad lyrics" you have is from Sugar, We're Going Down. I'll tell you some bad lyrics by Fall Out Boy, "Good God, I wish I was tall." Even though I love that song.
Stupid asshole: Fall Out Boy doesn't even write their own stuff!
Intelligent person: Wrong.
by sdflgkjs;lkjsorigu3 January 07, 2009

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