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geordie way of saying yes in an enthusiastic way.
"why aye man!
by scuntic dan runtic April 27, 2003
another word for semen, cum, man juice.
he has oddly coloured nad sap
by scuntic dan runtic April 28, 2003
a bad thing that you do. As a result of doing a bad thing that causes you to be called a dick.
cheating on your girlfriend while she is on the same bed as you with some chick you dont even fancy while drunk is a dickish thing to do.
by scuntic dan runtic April 27, 2003
a variation of arse. It is also something you say when something bad happens, as it easier than saying arse because it is all smooth to say, like smooth criminal style.
*fred has just been knocked over by a van*
fred: "dars..."
by scuntic dan runtic April 27, 2003
part penis, part arse. People with balls that look like arse cheeks and also have a normal penis, are said to have a penarse.
"Dude!! your balls are so small and intersected with your body!! You have a penarse!!
by scuntic dan runtic April 27, 2003

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