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The home of domesticated rats. Do you wonder where the domesticated rats reside? cut open your couch cushion and look inside....there you will find a substance (If you are a normal person who has a cheap ass couch) which is half cotton half polyester i do believe. This is what Rats use to make their homes and fuck their other ratkinds. Rattigan from the Great Mouse Detectives had his own Rat House which was not accurate according to my studies but what Disney movie is?? Similar to "A Rat Nest " which is someone's extremely curley hair that could nestle a family of scathe rats with no sign of life on the perimeter
"Damn dude it seems like you live in a fucking Rat House with all this cotton shit strewn on the floor."
by scrubnut March 29, 2010
Dancer is a slang word meaning puppet. A dancer is someone that do what other people tell them/want them to do.
"Dude, you are being a total dancer right now. Tell that bitch you aint going to her mom's funeral."
by scrubnut March 03, 2010
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