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1.) One who throws an object at a mans nuts while trying to make a trajectoried path to give the man the most pain ever felt.

2.) When a douchebag that delibertly throws some object for no apparent reason at an unexpecting innocent man while trying to target their nutsac.

Evan to Jared: Hey check out this baseball I have. I am going to hit J.R. square in the Nuts with it.

Jared to Evan: Dude he has got to be like 5 to 10 yards away.

Evan to Jared: Check this out. Hey J.R.!!!! Over Here!!!

J.R turning to face Evan and Jared: What? What do you want?

Evan throws baseball as hard as he can and hits J.R. square in the nuts from 8 yards.

J.R. falls to his knees in much pain while crying: Owe my sac!!!!

Jared to Evan: Dude the way you hit J.R. square in the nuts from 8 yards....that was a total balljectory moment.
by scroawesome22 September 27, 2010
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